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March 30, 2012

Time for Timeline

Rebecca Hume

It’s finally time. Whether you made the switch months ago or have been dig-in-your-heels averse to change, as of today all Facebook pages will be converted to timeline format. Okay, maybe this isn’t the hugest news, but we’re pretty excited.

Timeline offers a bigger and better canvas for nonprofits to engage their Facebook visitors and tell their story. With a little ingenuity (and, yes, maybe some basic Photoshop know-how) the large cover image can showcase who you are far better than a basic profile square. And customized tabs below let you highlight the info and efforts that are most important for your audience to see.

Here are just a few examples of nonprofits we think have tackled their timeline particularly well. 

International Rescue Committee

Evocative imagery and a powerful line of text work together with the profile icon to create a clear and unified impression of what the organization stands for.

Feeding America

Combining a heartwarming photo with a stark statistic helps simultaneously demonstrate the need for and the impact of their work.


A bold, slightly gritty graphic instead of a photo clearly displays the organization’s personality, and the icons below tie in seamlessly with the brand.

American Cancer Society 

The balloon image is a smart visual expression of their tagline, “The official sponsor of birthdays.”

San Diego Zoo

There’s some very clever integration here of the profile photo with the large cover image. If you try something like this, just make sure that your profile photo still makes sense when it shows up by itself in your followers’ feeds.

Has your organization done something spectacular? Post a comment to let us know.