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November 17, 2011

Think in systems

I recently spotted this fabulous truck in DUMBO (that’s ‘Down Underneath the Manhattan Bridge Overpass’ for those of you who don’t speak Brooklyn). If you’ve read “Brandraising” you know we Ducks prefer to see messaging and visual identities as interconnected systems, and this truck does a bang up job at just that.

The name ‘Rabbit Movers’, is fine. It conveys fast, which I suppose is a good thing in a moving company, right? The name on its own doesn’t knock your socks off, necessarily, but that’s ok because other elements of the system help you get there. For instance, the tagline ‘truckin like bunnies’ conveys that not only are they fast, they also have a sense of humor. Now I’m thinking I might even like these people- and perhaps trust them. They are starting to feel humor. They go even further with the 888-WABBIT phone number (perhaps it’s too cute?) and now they’ve really got my attention. 

The bullets under the name tell me exactly what they do, so there’s no guesswork if my job is a good fit for them. Thanks for making my life easier, Rabbit Movers. There’s an easy-to-remember phone number, a clear URL, and they’ve even translated the 888 number into regular digits for those people who really want to get down to business and pick up the phone. This is a great example of being audience-centric: remembering who your audience is, what they might want, and giving it to them straight up. 

The big, graphic bunny feels dynamic and hip- not cute or demure, reinforcing the messages of the tagline farther. I love that they chose eye-popping bright blue on brown for the contrasting colors, and skillfully avoided bunny clich