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May 2, 2013

The Accidental Techie | Weekly Roundup

Meghan Teich

  • Are you an ‘accidental techie’? Liberal arts major, maybe you never planned on getting into anything digital related, but here you are, running online campaigns for a nonprofit. If that sounds familiar, check out the top five things you should know right now from the Connected Cause.
  • Blogs: so 2002, or so hot right now? WiredImpact makes the case that a blog is still a top priority for your nonprofit that can help you connect with your supporters and establish your role as a thought leader. 
  • Annual reports: the bane of your existence, or an opportunity to show your creativity and innovation? According to the Calgary Zoo, definitely the latter. They just released the world’s first annual report exclusively on… wait for it… Instagram. Read all about it over at Osocio.
  • The shorter the better for successful emails, right? Maybe not. Business2Community turns everything you thought you knew about emails upside down, and stakes the claim that scrolling is your friend. Are you convinced? 
  • Making the shift from Mad Men to math men: does data help modern day Don Drapers craft a better story? Over at the Harvard Business Review, they make the case that marketers (whether for- or non-profit) need to let go of their egos to succeed. 

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