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July 8, 2016

What makes the strongest communications teams successful?

We Ducks are asked questions like these regularly: 

  • How can we communicate more with less?
  • Do we really need to advertise?
  • How can we leverage what’s worked in the past and still keep it fresh?
  • How can we do more with fewer staff, consultants, or budget this year?
  • What sort of communications and/or awareness metrics should we set during strategic planning?

And, as a result of all the change in marketing and communications as a field, the structure, metrics, and outcomes of a nonprofit communications team have relatively few ‘best practices’ compared to their peers in development or programs.

Despite that, we’ve noticed that the lessons learned in one organization’s communications department can be usefully applied to many more, regardless of differences in geography, size, and mission. But connecting with peers and sharing lessons learned can be challenging.

That’s why Nonprofit Marketing Guide and Big Duck are joining forces to learn more about what’s working today in nonprofit communications and share the good news. It’s time we roll up our sleeves and make it our business to identify what ‘success’ really looks like for nonprofit communicators today, and share the results sector-wide. 

And we want your help. Actually, we want your brilliance. Right here, right now

Will you please take a few minutes to complete our brief survey in July? Of course, we’ll share the findings with you—and with the sector more broadly. It will take just a few moments to complete. Here’s the link: Thanks in advance for sharing your successes. We look forward to hearing about, celebrating, and sharing them.