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September 24, 2010

Something for everyone I Weekly Roundup

Big Duck

As my colleague, Elizabeth Ricca, traipses across the Rocky Mountains, I thought I’d “round-up” some interesting links from the rest of the Big Duck bunch. Liz will be back to her usual traipsing to and from Brooklyn next week.

  1. This article from TrustedAdvisor reminds all of us – individuals and nonprofits alike – that we are not as credible as we think. Credibility is a key factor in building trust–and here are a few ways you can do it.
  2. This past Monday, Mashable and 92Y hosted the Social Good Summit, in partnership with the United Nations Foundation. So much goodness, so little time. Read what many world leaders and digital, policy, and media experts had to say from Causmoplitan’s Day in Quotes
  3. We know how busy you nonprofiteers are, especially around year-end appeal time. We also know that it’s even harder for your executive team members to find the time to tweet – yes, tweet. John Haydon via Socialbrite gives you not just one, but FOUR reasons why your executive director should jump on the Twitter bandwagon.
  4. This is your brain, and this is your brain on…marketing? New Scientist magazine may have increased sales by 12% by testing the response to different covers. It makes us wonder – just what kind of response can testing your visual creative have? Also, we just really like this blog
  5. Does size really matter? The size of your story, that is. Despite popular opinion, maybe your audience(s) would actually prefer reading a longer story or anecdote on your website. Don’t buy into the “less is more” hype just yet – check out The Nonprofit Technology Network’s (NTEN) article on how to edit for the web.