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February 19, 2010

Social media of Olympic proportions | Weekly Roundup

  • Bet you thought I couldn’t find a tie between the Olympics and nonprofit communications. Well, stand back: on MediaShift, Craig Silverman talks social media with Graeme Menzies, director of online communications for the Vancouver games, who raises some very interesting points about how critical it is to have a flexible approach online tools. Just think: four years ago, as the Vancouver team was putting together its plans and learning lessons from Turino, Facebook was still just for college students, and Twitter was hardly a twinkle in Jack Dorsey’s eye. The takeaway: make sure your approach to social media includes clear goals and a coherent strategy; tactical plans based on specific tools will have a pretty short shelf-life.
  • Jaime-Alexis Fowler has some handy suggestions on NTEN’s blog for making the most of online video, even if your budget and technical know-how is limited. Wield your Flip cam with pride!

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