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December 4, 2020

Shape the 21NTC agenda—Pick your favorite sessions today

What’s better than a conference that’s seen as a “must-attend” in the nonprofit sector? A conference where attendees can help craft the agenda! 

I’m talking about the 2021 Nonprofit Technology Conference (21NTC), taking place on March 23-25, 2021 on a computer near you. This annual gathering of the NTEN community is one of the best sources of professional development out there, and always sparks new ideas and new connections. I’ve had the pleasure of attending and speaking at this conference for many years. 

To shape the agenda, NTEN invites the community to weigh in with a round of public voting on the sessions that have been submitted. Community feedback is reviewed by an advisory committee and staff–and your selections are an important part of the process. Feel free to review all of the almost 600 session ideas or sort by category or tag to find the topics of interest. And while you are there, please do us a favor and vote for one or all five sessions we pitched. 

Ally, Hannah, Sarah, and I hope to appear on the virtual stage and ask you to vote for these workshops by Sunday, December 13. Oh, and be sure to login or create a free account on NTEN’s site to view and favorite session proposals.

Building your nonprofit’s communications engine
Pitched by Sarah Durham.
Read more and “favorite” this session here.

Crafting your organization’s vision, mission, and messaging
Pitched by Chandra M. Hayslett  (Center for Constitutional Rights), Bridget Jackson (NeighborWorks America), Yvette Scorse (Byte Back), and Farra Trompeter.
Read more and “favorite” this session here.

Nonprofit branding and strategic planning in the face of uncertainty
Pitched by Ally Dommu, Morgan Fletcher (Girls for Gender Equity), and Brianna McKinney (Change Machine).
Read more and “favorite” this session here.

The power of a good tagline
Pitched by Farra Trompeter, Chandra M. Hayslett (Center for Constitutional Rights), and Ambar-Mentor Truppa (Shriver Center of Poverty Law).
Read more and “favorite” this session here.

We vs. Me: Building messaging for a movement
Pitched by Hannah Thomas.
Read more and “favorite” this session here.

Thanks for your support! Hope to see you at the conference in March.