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March 1, 2016

Measuring what people really think about your nonprofit

Increasingly, strategic plans seem to map out communications and fundraising objectives like, “increase awareness,” “reach a new base of donors,” or “become a household name.” But how do you know if you’re raising awareness and building a recognizable brand unless you’ve got an affordable way to benchmark and measure?

For-profit corporations regularly measure awareness and affinity for their brands, but there’s never been a cost-effective way to do the same thing for nonprofits in the United States. Instead, only nonprofits that can afford to solicit customized research, often spending so much money that it’s unrealistic to repeat the study downstream and see if their efforts have moved the needle.

That’s why Big Duck is launching a way for nonprofits to affordably measure how they are perceived, particularly among potential supporters. It’s called the “Brandraising Barometer,” and it’s designed specifically for nonprofits to measure what people think of them.

Big Duck will pilot our first Brandraising Barometer in the second quarter of 2016 with a select group of nonprofits. Interested in finding out more? Click here for a fact sheet that will give you all the details, including pricing, what questions the study will address specifically, and how to apply.