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January 6, 2010

Sarah’s gift for 2010: Take some time…

If I could give you anything in 2010, it’d be the gift of time. Time seems to be increasingly in short supply these days- and there’s always too much to do, to read, to see.. sometimes we forget to breathe. Since only your boss/partner/diety can actually give you time, I’ll have to go to Plan B and share some resources that might help you spend your time better.First, the following blogs are great reads that will help you stay on top of communications issues that impact nonprofits:

Dazzle your E.D. in 2010 by forwarding the pearls of wisdom those folks impart.And if you’re looking for inspiration in 2010, here are a few blogs that are artsy I can’t get enough of. They inspire me to embark on all sorts of personal and family projects that don’t actually involve computers:If you dig art and/or crafts:

For inspiration from the world of design, check out Accidental Creative:

And if you have kids, this is a must-read for Saturday morning projects:

I hope these blogs make your time in 2010 more effective and inspired.