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March 23, 2010

Puttin’ the acious in Baldacious

I did it last night. I went Totally Baldacious. After helping to develop this campaign for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, I was excited to take the plunge myself.


Having raised my goal of $300 to support life-saving cancer research, I called up Whistle—my fave NYC salon in the East Village to book an appointment. Much to my mother’s relief, I opted to show my solidarity with cancer survivors by coloring my hair; not quite going the full monty of shaving it all off. In selecting a color, I admit I wanted something worthy of the baldacious title. After some spirited debate amongst those in the salon, we opted for “red-violet-violet” streaks.
My friend and colleague Todd Whitley, VP of eMarketing at The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, was there chronicling the event and posting pics to the Totally Baldacious Facebook community of nearly 14,000 fans. Within minutes I was heartened to see several “likes” and comments. My small step seemed to mean so much. Having worked directly with survivors earlier in my career at the National Breast Cancer Coalition, going baldacious has been a fulfilling way to give back and connect to a cause that runs so deep to many of us.

We will do a more formal recap and case study of the campaign, which premiered a few weeks ago, soon. In the meantime, go baldacious yourself or feel free to support my efforts.

The ‘after’ shot

Much love to all of you who already gave and to Corrine, for donating part of her services last night!