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September 11, 2009

Puppets and festivals for nonprofits | Weekly Roundup

  • Q: What could be better than a great video about social media?
    A: A great video about social media starring a puppet.

    Check out this excellent video tutorial from the Case Foundation’s Gear Up For Giving initiative, in which Click Daley, a digitally-savvy puppet, explains all the social media basics for nonprofits.
  • Twestival is upon us! Twestival, a fundraising effort organized and promoted on Twitter, is bringing a local focus to its second annual weekend of innovative fundraising (September 10-13). Learn more about how you can join in the fun, or check out the Twestival site to find out what exciting fundraising events are going on in your neighborhood.
  • You have social media, and you have email. What about social media in your email? This is the best idea since peanut-butter pretzels.
  • Do you tend to look at your nonprofit’s website analytics through a microscope when a magnifying glass would do the trick? Here’s a thoughtful post from NTEN with tips for honing in on the most important aspects of your web traffic data, so you can be confident that you’re seeing the forest as well as the trees.
  • If your nonprofit’s Facebook page activity is occasional at best, make the most out of those rare status updates by posting on a Tuesday or a Wednesday. According to a recent report, these two days boast the highest average click-through rates, with a precipitous drop on Thursday. I guess by the time Thursday rolls around, we’re all too excited about our own weekends to read about anyone else’s.

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