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June 8, 2015

Tips to amplify your nonprofit’s thought leadership

Big Duck

Thought leadership is a communications strategy that’s all about displaying your knowledge. It’s a popular communications tactic for nonprofits. 

It’s a very noisy nonprofit world out there these days, so the landscape in which your organization is trying to demonstrate its expertise grows more and more crowded all the time. 

Thought leadership done well requires consistent, diligent effort It’s a long-term strategy to build a reputation. Maybe your nonprofit has been using a thought leadership strategy without identifying it as a strategy. Maybe you’re sitting on a trove of knowledge and it’s time to start getting your audiences more engaged with it. Whatever your thought leadership status might be, here’s a few guiding ideas to jog your thinking. 

Hone your unique contribution to your space.

Get clear on your audience.


A thought leader can be an individual or an organization. 

Ask questions and engage with your audience—don’t just spout stuff. 

Align it with your organizational goals (and your brand, of course!).