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January 4, 2012

Path: Something Different and Good

Big Duck

I generally don’t assess new social media tools using traditional, scientific methods. Basically if I can’t put it down, it’s good. I downloaded the social media app Path last night which combines the best of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook into a really smart-looking, minimal program. I messed around with it aimlessly for two hours even though I didn’t have a single other contact; a pretty good sign.

If you typically interact with Facebook on your smart phone, you’ll know that the experience leaves a bit to be desired. It’s slow to update, posts comments to the wrong photos, and struggles to cram in all of its web features into your tiny smart phone window.

Path on the other hand, is minimal and smart looking, designed to be used only on your smart phone. While Facebook and Google+ have struggled with who you share what with, Path allows you only 150 contacts. Forget groups and privacy filters, by default you’ve only got your inner circle to share with. It’s a pretty great solution and perhaps re-defines what it is to “be friends” on the internet. Again.

Path explains,”We are inspired by Professor Robin Dunbar from Oxford University, whose research delves deeply into the number of trusted relationships humans can maintain throughout life. We tend to have 5 best friends, 15 good friends, 50 close friends and family, and 150 total friends. At Path, we’re building tools for you to share with the people who matter most in your life.”

Of course the question it raises for marketers is “how can organizations be a relevant part of this tighter circle?” Does anyone want to be inner circle friends with an organization? We’ll be keeping a close eye on that.

Path – Introducing Path 2 from Path on Vimeo.