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May 3, 2012

Online Channels + Nonprofit Leaders with something to say = Thought leadership that moves the needle

Most executive directors, founders, and other nonprofit-sector leaders have something big to say; it’s why they do this work in the first place. They’re activists, radicals, and change-agents; ‘thought leaders’ by default.

Now that anyone can publish ad naseum via their own blog, website, Facebook, it’s never been easier to show what you know. Why not leverage your point of view online to make change happen and, along they way, establish your leadership role on the topic?

Conversations are happening right now on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and elsewhere about the issues you and your organization care passionately about. By default, the smartest, most engaged participants in those online conversations start to emerge as the obvious thought leaders. They’re getting invited to speak at conferences, getting called by the media, even building relationships with new clients and donors online.

Really, “Thought Leadership” is just one of those jargony terms like ‘workforce development’, ‘institutional advancement’, or ‘muffintops’ that’s really just code for a simpler idea. ‘Thought leadership’ means showing what you know, and establishing yourself or your nonprofit as a leader on the topic.