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July 2, 2012

Oh my science! | Weekly Roundup

Meghan Teich
  • It’s not rocket science, but to maximize engagement on Facebook, there are a few simple rules you should be following. Dan Zarrella gives the complete rundown to getting more likes, comments and shares.  
  • How big is that Facebook cover photo supposed to be? Why isn’t my Twitter icon showing up correctly? If questions like these plague you, do yourself a favor and bookmark LunaMetrics’ social media sizing cheat sheet.

  • It’s more than mobile donation pages. Mashable has the five reasons why mobile technology is the future of sustainable development. 
  • Is your organization taking advantage of Creative Commons? It might be the answer to some of your content woes. Check out FirstGiving’s tips for photos, videos, and more. 
  • Other than cats, what kind of photos should your organization be posting on social media? Ok, maybe not cats – try inspirational quotes, motivational statistics and more. See the full list at Nonprofit Tech 2.0. 

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