Photo by Rodolfo Clix from Pexels
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November 18, 2020

New ways to approach GivingTuesday (video)

With GivingTuesday in less than two weeks, there is still time to develop new ways for how your nonprofit might approach this international day of generosity. Sparked by a pair of recent blogs that Hannah Thomas and I wrote, Kathleen Murphy, Director of Digital Strategy for GivingTuesday, invited us to talk about embracing abundance and engaging your donors in new ways.

In this 18-minute conversion (watch or listen to the video below), we discussed:

  • Why GivingTuesday was founded in the first place in 2012
  • Challenging the “fixed pie fallacy” and shifting your mindset
  • Rethinking the stories you share by framing your organization as part of a collective effort
  • Amplifying other organizations in your community, who share your vision, or who are otherwise inspiring to you 
  • Collaborating with other organizations to show donors the bigger picture of what your work is trying to do 
  • Planning your GivingTuesday campaign and connecting it to your year-end fundraising campaign as well as your year-round efforts
  • Acknowledging the many ways people can show up on GivingTuesday — donations, profile photos, Instagram stories, and other actions
  • Embracing GivingTuesday as just one moment to engage your community; thinking of it as an opportunity and not an obligation

Watch this video and see what ideas it sparks for you. Feel free to tweet us @BigDuck with your takeaways.