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September 20, 2017

Do your programs speak the same language?

Brand architecture means expressing the relationships of a nonprofit’s programs, events, initiatives strategically, rather than just creating sub-brands ad hoc along the way.

When a nonprofit’s brand architecture has sound strategy behind it, every part of the organization benefits. There’s no question how to brand a new program (because there are rules and guidelines on how to do it), audiences can see the true scope of the organization’s mission, and less time is wasted creating confusing or inconsistent logos, names, and materials.

We believe that every nonprofit should have the tools necessary to communicate cohesively and excellently. That’s why we wrote Brand architecture: Strategies to strengthen your nonprofit’s family of programs, events, and initiatives. A free ebook designed to help nonprofit leaders manage their own brands with greater clarity and strategy. Inside, we dive into four key approaches to brand architecture strategy, highlight successful examples of each in the nonprofit world, and share insights for defining the best strategy for your organization.

We hope you find it clear, concise, and useful—like a great brand architecture strategy!

Click here to download the ebook.