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January 6, 2010

Kat’s gift for 2010: The gift of gossip

Big Duck

I love celebrity gossip. I read US Weekly, Star Magazine, and InTouch (just to name my favorites). But before you totally judge me on my shallow guilty pleasure; there, is in fact some useful information in the pages of my weekly smut. Groan if you will, but the list below highlights some celebrities who are using their fame to raise awareness, promote fundraising, and spread general love for their favorite causes.

Brad Pitt, actor

Organizations supported:

UNICEF, Cure Autism Now, Human Rights Watch

Bono, singer

Organizations supported:

(RED), Amnesty International, MusiCares

Annie Lenox, singer”

Organizations supported:

Oxfam, Red Cross, Fund4Darfur

Sarah Jessica Parker, actress

Organizations supported:

Food Bank for New York City, Pediatric Epilepsy Project,Stand Up to Cancer

Mariah Carey, singer

Organizations supported:

Make-A-Wish Foundation, Fresh Air Fund, Save the Music Foundation

Beyonce Knowles, singer

Organizations supported:

Oxfam, Second Harvest, Phoenix House

Lawrence Fishburne, actor

Organizations supported:

UNICEF, 21st Century Leaders, Whatever it Takes

Glenn Close, actress

Organizations supported:

Oceana, Friends of the High Line, V-Day

Jessica Simpson, singer

Organizations supported:

Operation Smile, Skin Cancer Foundation

Alicia Keys, singer

Organizations supported:

Keep a Child Alive, LIFEBeat,New York Coalition for Healthy School Food

And what is a celebrity blog without naked celebrities. Check out the full list of stars who are baring it all for animals.

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