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June 13, 2013

Introducing #DuckSnaps

Jenna Silverman

For the past three years, I’ve had the privilege to learn from the many amazing leaders and movers and shakers of the nonprofit sector. Interacting with so many of you (whether or not you knew it was me behind the Duck logo) through Facebook, Twitter, and our blog as Big Duck’s Marketing Manager has been fascinating.

During my time at Big Duck, I’ve been truly inspired by the nonprofiteers I’ve met, all people who, as we Ducks like to say, give a quack about the causes that matter most to them, and who want to make a difference. And I wanted to create a new, fun way for all of you to share your vision and talk about what inspires you and drives the amazing work you’re doing.

So before I move on from this smart, fun, and creative place at the end of the week to embark on a new adventure, let me introduce you to #DuckSnaps.

The Ducks are going to be out in the world asking: What ruffles your feathers? What do you think is just ducky? What do you dream big about? What do you give a quack about? Then, we’ll share the responses with you on Facebook, Instagram, and our website so you can see what others are saying. Catch us at one of our upcoming workshops and add your voice to the #ducksnaps conversation.

Take a look at the pictures from Fundraising Day New York and check back for more updates from upcoming Big Duck events.

It’s been an honor be a part of this community. Here’s to smart communications for all nonprofits!