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August 8, 2018

Five resources to help you put more strategy into practice at your nonprofit

With clear strategies in place, organizations are better equipped to make smarter communications decisions and navigate just about everything—from how to respond to a new opportunity or break down a lingering problem to charting a path forward to the future.

When the word “strategy” gets thrown around, it’s often on fuzzy terms, lacking clarity around the fundamental concepts or practical applications for nonprofits.

Big Duck defines strategy as the practice of defining what you want to achieve and identifying the best ways to achieve it, and throughout the years, we’ve devoted a ton of thinking to it. Here are some of our favorite resources for putting strategy into practice:

Creating and applying clear strategy is a vital practice for all nonprofit communicators and leaders. From deciding how to approach the biggest, most imposing organizational challenge to the smallest every day project, clear strategy will help you take stock and proceed effectively. Want to talk strategy for your nonprofit? Contact Big Duck.