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January 6, 2010

Farra’s gift for 2010: Getting in touch with your inner child

With 2009 behind us, my gift is a simple reminder — when those tough times happen, pause and get in touch with that inner child of yours. The one who found wonder in all things and didn’t take herself too seriously.In 2009, we lost many greats — including my pseudo namesake, Farrah Fawcett and my childhood hero, Michael Jackson. For my Big Duck Holiday Wish, I’d like to share this trip down memory lane. The Farra of yesteryear – 1984 to be precise. On the off chance you can’t remember your inner child, take a quick peek at mine.

And in case you want to dazzle your friends with some fresh moves, check out this handy guide on how to moonwalk.What would the you from 25 years ago say to the you of today?

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