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March 4, 2011

Collaborating Anywhere

Jennifer Clark

Nonprofiteers are busy, committed, mobile people. You work from the office, from the work site, or from the train, exchanging phone calls and emails with people who are just as on-the-go as you are.

We wanted to share two online tools to help you and your team—assuming you’re all a bit tech savvy (but really, just a bit)—better collaborate across the miles.

1. Zoho Writer and Zoho Notebook
Use Zoho Writer for all your collaborative writing and editing needs. Drafting a report with coworkers or compiling the communications department’s edits to the spring newsletter? Your group’s work is saved in real time to a public, or private online space for you to share document feedback with whomever you choose.

To collect and collage images, text, video, and other inspirations for an upcoming fundraising event, use Zoho Notebook to compile them and send the link out for group review.


True to its name, A.nnotate allows you to add notes in the margins of documents and images online. If you need to share a report with a coworker who processes ideas through markmaking and notetaking, this tool is a great way to relay those ideas directly.

Happy collaborating, everyone.