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November 18, 2009

Brandraising on Friday the 13th

Last Friday evening I gave a talk at Columbia University about Positioning and Personality and how nonprofits can leverage these concepts to communicate more effectively. It was a gloomy night- cold and dark, and I had to wonder who’d come out to a workshop on such an ominous date. Amazingly, close to 100 people turned up! They were students and alumni of the communications, fundraising, and continuing ed programs–and they rocked.

The strong turnout got me thinking: are people who work with nonprofits are more serious than ever about improving communications? I’d say so. Times are tough, dollars are scarce, and staff and board members are interested in doing whatever they can to boost their skill sets. That’s in part why I wrote my soon-to-be-released book, “Brandraising: How nonprofits increase visibility and raise money through smart communications” . On Wednesday, December 16th at noon I’ll be offering a free webinar about Brandraising to introduce its concepts to readers of the Duck Call (this blog) and the Duck Pond (Big Duck’s monthly enews).