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September 29, 2015

Back-to-school brandraising

Big Duck

Ah, Fall. So many apple-picking excursions, flannel shirts, and pumpkin spiced lattes to look forward to. We’ve also been looking forward to seeing many of our clients with education-related missions kick off student recruitment season. To offer some inspiration for anyone trying to connect people with educational opportunities, we pulled together a few examples of recent campaigns we’ve had the chance to work on with some incredible education organizations. Take a peek.

  • We helped create the brand for Educators Rising, an organization that launched in August to prime highschoolers for long, happy careers as teachers. We also asked Educators Rising’s Co-Director Ashley Kincaid to pull back the curtain on how they tested the brand along the way with their target audience—check out that blog here.  
  • New York School of Interior Design and Math for America‘s audiences may use different sides of their brains, but both organizations roll out recruitment campaigns to attract new students and fellows. Bonus: stay tuned for Math for America’s new website!
  • What about education-related fundraising, you ask? We’ve got that covered, too. Big Duck worked with the 1:1 Fund to roll out a fundraising toolkit for their partners, empowering those partners to take the lead in soliciting donations. Learn about the 1:1 Fund, the process and results in the new case study

So what will you be thinking about this Fall? Pumpkin everything, student recruitment, or both? Share your upcoming challenges and projects in the comment section!