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July 10, 2012

A Primer on Cause Marketing

This interview was adapted from a piece originally posted on CreateWorth, a blog written for small business owners. 

Thinking about how your company can do some good in the world–and boost your bottom line?

Sarah Durham, founder and principal of Big Duck, a communications firm that works with nonprofits, shows you how to get started with cause marketing, i.e., linking your brand to a specific cause so that both sides benefit.

Be authentic

“The most successful examples of cause marketing are the ones that emerge organically–where the values and agendas are aligned,” Durham says. (Think Sprint’s campaign with to keep teens from texting while driving.)

Think small

For a small biz, a massive nonprofit might not give much in a relationship. “Honestly, a big organization just wants your money,” Durham says. “But you can have a profound impact on a small nonprofit. Why not be their champion?” Hook up with a local charity or one that operates in your (digital) space.

Grow the love

You don’t need tons of money or spare time to get moving. “Small, discrete campaigns are often effective,” Durham says. Start with a micro-campaign surrounding a one-day event or a short-term effort. Then build a deep relationship over time.

Give it up. How do you want your business to give back?