Gil Mejia

Former Strategist

Gil became personally involved with nonprofits as a teen when he joined Legal Outreach, a program that inspired him to compete at high academic levels and advance his pursuit of higher education.

While working toward his B.A. in American Studies at Connecticut College, Gil developed a critical awareness of American traditions, institutions, literature, and arts. His quest for knowledge took him to Cuba and Mexico, where he studied the economic and political ideologies shaping both countries. Now, Gil brings his insight and motivation to support Big Duck’s strategy team.

Prior to Big Duck, Gil interned at New London Public Schools and the Global Nomads Group in New York City, where he used his personal connection with educational empowerment to help young people on their paths to success.

Outside of Big Duck, Gil is checking out different restaurants throughout the city, reading everything and anything by James Baldwin (more than once), and coordinating fun gatherings for friends and family.