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July 20, 2012

Who writes well online?

Big Duck

Where (oh, where?) can I find good online writing?

I’ve been out and about lately, leading a couple of workshops on how to write for the web (here at Big Duck with Dan, our esteemed Director of Copywriting and at the Support Center for Nonprofit Management). It’s been a lot of fun, I’ve met some great people, and heard some excellent questions and insights.

But one thing has plagued me: finding examples of nonprofits that write really well for the web.

We’ve checked out the websites of Webby winners, big international nonprofits, small start-up organizations, and even ventured into the for-profit world. We’ve found a few gems, but mostly, we’ve come up short.

So, dear Duck Call readers, a challenge for you… do you know of any nonprofits that write well for the web? If so, share the love and give them a public shout-out in the comments!

We’re looking for examples of online writing (you know: websites, emails, that kind of thing) that:

  • clearly speaks to the organization’s audiences;
  • is short, clear, and jargon-free;
  • feels trustworthy and credible;
  • and, most importantly, uses headings, bullets, links, negative space, and other tricks to make the copy easy for lazy online readers to scan.

Any suggestions? Your answers will help inspire and inform your hard-working colleagues at nonprofits across the land. Plus, the person who posts the best example might just win a grateful hug from the Duck of their choice…

Looking to improve your web writing?Join Maddy and Dan on 9/27 for a Big Duck webiner: Making Your Website an Easier Read; How to Write for the Web