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November 17, 2009

Wearing your values

With the exception of the occasional New York Mets baseball game, I tend to tune sports out. So this Saturday, I sat on the couch reading and tweeting, as my partner watched the Gators and the Gamecocks square off in a game of college football. But I couldn’t help but pay attention when I saw words like service, commitment, and integrity come across the screen. It seems that Under Armour (a famous athletic wear brand) is partnering with the Wounded Warrior Project (a nonprofit), to show support for those who have served/are serving in our nation’s Armed Forces.

According to the University of South Carolina Gamecock’s website:

On November 14, in honor of our troops, the University of South Carolina Gamecocks and University of Maryland Terrapins will wear specially designed head-to-toe uniforms for their Game Day match-ups versus the University of Florida Gators and Virginia Tech Hokies respectively. The teams will take the field in black and desert camouflage uniforms featuring the Wounded Warrior Project logo. The uniforms will also have a unique twist; a core value embellishment – Duty, Honor, Courage, Commitment, Integrity, Country, and Service – will replace the players’ last name on the back of each jersey. Both games will be nationally televised.

In addition to seeing this as a worthy example of cause-related marketing, I think this is a great story of an organization that lives its values. In our brandraising projects, we often get into analyzing and helping organization’s write their core values. A good set of core values speaks to the staff and board—resonating with the philosophical reasons why you work for the organization and connecting to the joy you feel with your association. While the programs and activities may change over time, the values usually stay the same. They get posted in offices, on websites, and now, well, on football jerseys. What about your organization’s values? Do you know them and would you wear them with pride?