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March 1, 2010

The art of giving good feedback

Big Duck

A few months ago, Dan and Sonny, the fearless-except-when-fearful heads of our creative team, put together a lovely blog series about feedback. Over the years, we’ve found that good, honest feedback can make all the difference in having that new website, brand identity, marketing campaign, etc. be something you want to show off to participants, donors, advocates, funders, board members, and the like.

We got such a great response from our clients that we thought we’d send it out again to make sure you saw it. The series offers advice on how to give helpful (read: productive) feedback whether you are working with an in-house designer or writer, a freelancer, or an agency like ours.

  • Understand why you should care about giving good feedback.
  • Find out how your preparation makes all the difference.
  • Learn how to deal with temperamental creative personalities (even if you hate the work that’s been presented).
  • Read some real-life examples of terrible feedback and test out a new approach for a productive discussion.

Do you have any horror stories about working with creatives? What about any romantic comedies or coming-of-age stories? We’d like to hear them all. Comment on the blog posts in the links above.