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May 13, 2011

Social Media For Social Good: A Lively Panel Worth Watching

Last month I had the pleasure of participating in a panel of ‘social media mavens’ at The Foundation Center. Together with Amy Sample Ward of NTEN, Julia C. Smith of, and Renee Alexander of the US Fund for UNICEF, we took questions, shared resources, and even got into a debate or two, all on the topic of “Social Media for Social Good: Strategies and Tactics” (#SM4SG).

The four of us answered questions from the moderator (Vanessa Schnaidt) and from the audience, including:

  • What is social media?
  • How do I convince my boss/executive director/board that we need to use social media?
  • What should be in a social media policy?
  • How much time should an organization set aside to participate in social media?
  • How is an organization’s social media strategy reflective of the organization’s culture and vice versa? How has that shifted?
  • What are realistic goals to set for your organization’s social media benchmarks? How do you measure impact?
  • How should a nonprofit pick which social media tools and channels to use?
  • If there were one thing you’d want everyone to know about social media, what would it be?
  • How can nonprofits use crowd-funding (Kickstarter, Help Attack!, Crowdrise)?
  • How do you manage your personal/professional brand in social media?
  • What should I post on Twitter? How do I get people to share/comment/retweet what I post?

This was my first time speaking in a more informal conversation format–and I loved it. The tweets were flying, the exchange was real and unrehearsed, and the practical advice was a-plenty.

Social Media for Social Good: Strategies & Tactics from Foundation Center on Vimeo.

I’m curious to know how you would have answered these questions. Do you agree with our words of wisdom or think we missed a valuable point or two? Watch the video and share your thoughts here.

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