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January 3, 2011

Sarah’s New Year’s Wish for You: More Quality Time Spent Offline

I admit it: I consider my laptop an extremely close friend. Despite our intimacy, my laptop and I have learned that it improves our relationship (or, perhaps just my sanity) to get some time apart. Lately, for instance, I’ve been avoiding email on the weekends. It makes me feel smug not to hear the kids say, “Mommy, stop paying so much attention to your computer!” on a Saturday.Another of my favorite ways to unplug and unwind is with the New Yorker magazine. With its epic articles, fabulous cartoons, and rich poems, the New Yorker arrives each week full of great stuff. Because of it, I’m actually able to make conversation about something other than nonprofit communications, Facebook, and the Park Slope Food Co-op![caption id=”attachment_3485″ align=”aligncenter” width=”449″ caption=”