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May 6, 2013

Roses are red, donation buttons are blue? | Weekly Roundup

Meghan Teich

  • What color should the most important button on your website be? The answer: it depends. Find out more over at Hilborn. 
  • Some of the most important tools in your communications toolkit are your email subject lines. Are you spending enough time crafting and testing them? Check out Touching Clients’ 25 tips for creating great email subjects. 
  • Ever feel like LinkedIn is an unexplored frontier for nonprofit communication? No one’s really cracked the code beyond job posting and networking – well, until now.The Chronicle of Philanthropy has some ideas on how to leverage the site for fundraising. 
  • Are photos all they’ve cracked up to be on Facebook? By focusing just on image updates, you might be missing out on opportunities to engage with your fans through text updates, according to Small Act. 
  • The debate over slacktivism rears its head once again, this time because UNICEF is asking for more than just Facebook likes. Read how they’re tackling the issue over at the Atlantic. 

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