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January 6, 2010

Rebecca’s gift for 2010: How to make a 3D paper snowflake in 10 easy steps

Rebecca Hume

The holidays are over. Lights have come down, menorahs are packed away for next year, and tinsel-strewn trees are piled high at the curb. But that doesn’t mean the rest of the winter has to be dreary and decoration-free. Hanging in a window or against a brightly-painted wall, cut paper snowflakes can lend cheer to the blustery days ahead. Plus, they’re a great way to reuse office scrap paper before it hits the recycling bin.Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

  • scissors
  • double-stick tape
  • six (6) equally-sized paper squares

A note on size: Using 8.5-inch squares cut from regular letter-sized paper will result in really big snowflakes. This is great if that’s the look you’re going for. But squares cut closer to 4 inches will result in flurries of a more manageable size.

1. Start with a square sheet of paper.

2. Fold the sheet in half diagonally to form a triangle.

3. Fold the triangle in half again. The open edges should be along the bottom.

4. Starting at the folded edge, make three parallel cuts, stopping a little bit before you reach the opposite edge.

5. Unfold and flatten out the sheet. You should have a series of v-shaped cuts on both sides.

6. Bring the two smallest points together to form a narrow cylinder and attach with a small piece of double-stick tape.

7. Flip the sheet over and tape together the second-smallest pair of points.

8. Continue to flip and tape until all points have been paired up. Repeat steps 1-8 with all six paper squares.

9. Line up all six pieces, and tape together the outermost points.

10. Pull the two end pieces around to form a circle, and tape the edges together. Tape together the center points as well. Attach a ribbon, hang, and enjoy.

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