May 27, 2020

The Nonprofit Communications Engine online workshops

To learn more about how to leverage communications, watch this four-part online workshop series based on The Nonprofit Communications Engine: A Leader’s Guide to Managing Mission-driven Marketing and Communications by Sarah Durham. In these workshops, Sarah examined the key elements of her book, and how your nonprofit can apply them.

Session 1: Overview

Held on May 6, 3-4:00 EDT

This series began with an overview of The Nonprofit Communications Engine. Starting with a self-assessment, participants learned what a successful nonprofit communications practice should achieve and the basic building blocks necessary to get there. We defined the most important skills for nonprofit communicators (especially on small teams) and how to structure your in-house team for success. We also discussed how your communications priorities and needs may be adapted for short-term and COVID-19 crisis realities. Watch/listen to the recording here.

Session 2: Engagement

Held on May 13, 3-4:00 EDT

Part two of this four-part series focused on how nonprofit communicators and marketers reach and engage an organization’s target audiences. We focused on identifying who your audiences are, how to prioritize them, and other elements key to developing a smart communications strategy. We also talked about how to manage in a crisis or unpredictable time (such as this) versus building a longer-term engagement practice. Watch/listen to the recording here.

Session 3: Voice

Held on May 20, 3-4:00 EDT

Part three of this four-part series focused on the elements necessary to define and express your organization’s voice so you can communicate clearly and consistently across all programs and departments. We talked about how to distinguish your voice now and strengthen it so you come out of the recession in a stronger place. Watch/listen to the recording here.

Session 4: Momentum

Held on May 27, 3-4:00 EDT

Our final session focused on how your organization can grow its capacity to communicate clearly and effectively while reducing its reliance on individuals who may be your primary communicators and spokespeople. We talked about how to leverage volunteers, freelancers, and staff and ways to get creative when times are tough. Watch/listen to the recording here.

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