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June 22, 2021

We vs. Me: How can you craft messaging for a movement?

Morgan Fletcher, Tony Martignetti

In the face of several crises and moments of reckoning, more and more nonprofit organizations are beginning to band together in service of movements that benefit the collective sector and the larger world. Approaching movement messaging—the language that unites and is utilized by all many voices and agendas—is complex and multifaceted, but telling the right story can be a gamechanger that inspires allegiance, participation, and large-scale impact.

Director of learning and innovation, Hannah Thomas, and Morgan Fletcher, director of marketing and storytelling at Girls for Gender Equity share their insights on movement messaging on Nonprofit Radio with Tony Martignetti.

Get tips on communicating about “we” rather than “me” in service of movement building.

Listen in on the Nonprofit Radio website.

Hannah Thomas

Hannah Thomas is the Former Director of Learning and Innovation at Big Duck

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