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February 5, 2015

Become a storytelling organization

Jereme Bivins

Alongside Big Duck’s vice president Farra Trompeter, Jereme Bivins (Digital Media Manager at The Rockefeller Foundation) and James Porter (Associate Director, External Relations at The End Fund) are co-organizers of 501 Tech NYC—the local meetup for members of the Nonprofit Technology Network. In January, the group explored the Rockefeller Foundation’s digital storytelling project and Jereme shared some highlights with us.

Stories have the power to spark movements, raise armies of volunteers, and even change the world. But stories with impact don’t just happen—they require intention and heart. Good stories do more than connect our brains to dense prose and columns of statistics. Good stories connect our hearts with a heroic goal and set our minds on the path to get there.

Our greatest source of these stories of hope and change is our social sector—the nonprofits, social enterprises, and others serving the world’s poor or vulnerable. Despite their extraordinary work, though, our inboxes remain flooded with PDF reports, program statistics, and verbose appeals for support.

Where are the impact stories? Why should I read your email when there are so many others demanding my attention? When so much good is being done, why are for-purpose organizations so bad at sharing their stories? 

Last year, The Rockefeller Foundation initiated a project to illuminate and elevate the practice of storytelling among the world’s do-gooders. Building on the landscape report, “Digital Storytelling for Social Impact“, and with contributions from dozens of partners and lead grantee, Hattaway Communications, The Rockefeller Foundation launched an innovative tool to help the social sector share better, more impactful stories: Hatch.

Jay Geneske, the director of digital at The Rockefeller Foundation, shared some insights on the project and how to get started with more strategic, more impactful storytelling. 

Special thanks to Lane Beauchamp and Mo Brady of Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS for donating their awesome video skills and filming the event. 

You are welcome to join our 501 Tech NYC group on Facebook to learn about upcoming events and network with local nonprofiteers using technology for good.