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October 24, 2011

Getting Connected: An Interview with Tiffany Shlain

Earlier this month, I read Marcia Stepanek’s post about Connected (the movie). Turns out the film, which looks at “how social media is changing the way people come together,” was playing in New York City. With chants of Occupy Wall Street filling the air, I was eager to see Connected and think about the relationship between activism and technology.

The movie’s examination of how the Internet is changing the way we connect to the world, both online and off, drew me in immediately. I was intrigued by the film’s claim that we are at the beginning of a participatory revolution. As the ending credits appeared, I hopped on Facebook to “like” the movie’s page and to look up its fillmaker, Tiffany Shlain. With 22 friends in common, I decided to send her a message and see if she might like to, well, connect. Within 24 hours, I heard back from Tiffany and scheduled a quick interview via Skype. In less than ten minutes, we discussed:

  • How you can find people to connect to in the growing depths and noise of social media;
  • How organizations can connect deeply with their community;
  • Advice for how nonprofits can use their websites to connect with supporters;
  • Ways she’ll be using text messaging to keep in touch with viewers;
  • What’s next for the film; and
  • Advice for re-charging through taking a Technology Shabbat

Connected is playing in Manhattan for the rest of this week. As it makes its way around the country, consider checking it out and sharing your thoughts here. You can also text CONNECTED to 66937 and take a look at Declare Your Interdepence, Tiffany’s latest campaign that will soon allow nonprofits to put their own spin on the film’s message.

NOTE: This was the first time I tried recording an interview via Skype, so go easy on me in the comments.