January 6, 2010

Jenna’s gift for 2010: My favorite YouTube clips of 2009

Jenna Silverman

I thought that this year for the holidays I would share my favorite YouTube clips. I thought long and hard about which videos over the past few years really made me think, roll on the floor laughing, or get up and start dancing (which is not a pretty sight). I hope you enjoy a few of my top picks, and if you’re interested in the top videos of 2009, YouTube just published the 10 most played videos of the year.1. Flute Beatbox– I will never understand how this is physically possible.2. T-Pain Obama Auto-Tune– Really made me chuckle.3. Lost Generation– Maybe there is hope for the future.4. Arianna Dancing to Single Ladies– Little kids are cute, but she has real talent.5. Beijing Welcomes You– It’s a couple years old, but it holds a special place in my heart.6. Muffins– It’s a Big Duck favorite.7. Charlie bit my finger– This one never gets old.8. Inbox Zero– I now swear by it or at least my inbox does.9. Sony Bravia (Bouncy Balls)– YouTube doesn’t do this one justice, but it’s one of my favorite commercials.10. I’m Yours (Ukulele)– What a talented little kid; he plays the Ukulele better then he speaks.

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