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October 1, 2013

Five ways to build your generosity network

Ever since Network for Good declared October 24 as Be Your Donor Day, I’ve been thinking about the ways nonprofits can tell if donors love them—and how organizations can try to keep the love alive.  I’ve jumped on the bandwagon that emphasizes the importance of donor retention. Sure, growing your list is important, but keeping existing donors and getting those folks to give again is really where most organizations should focus their fundraising communications.

But the hallmarks of donor engagement lie not just in how much or how often they give. Donors don’t want to only give from their wallet. They want to volunteer, ask their friends to support you, attend events, and more. To help inspire nonprofit leaders, board members, and community activists, philanthropist Jeff Walker and fund-raising expert Jennifer McCrea have written The Generosity Network: new transformational tools for successful fund-raising. While I have not had a chance to read it yet, I’m intrigued by the five major themes that were recently distilled by Liz Ragland:

1. Know Yourself

Your personal attitude toward money and giving can impact your ask and how you relate to donors.

2. Know Others

Think about your donor-organization-fundraiser dynamic (donors are not walking checkbooks).

3. Know How to Ask 

An ask is just an invitation to invest resources in a cause that matters.

4. Create your powerful story

Stories have unique powers that forge connections between people and bring ideas to life.

5. Cultivate your relationships 

Make the leap from an exchange of words to an authentic relationship.

Infographic of steps.

You can learn more about the book’s big points during a free webinar today hosted by Network for Good.

Have you read the book? What do you think of these five big ideas? Share your thoughts in the comments below.