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August 30, 2012

At Starbucks, everybody wins, free coffee included.

Jenna Silverman

At Big Duck most of us are coffee addicts. Beyond our regular morning coffees, many of us are programmed to need an additional caffeine fix every day at 3:00. We use it as an excuse to take a break, get out of the office, and enjoy some fresh air. Dan is typically the one collecting the many complicated orders and balancing full trays of hot coffee through the streets of DUMBO. This month Dan is “working remotely” from Scotland and taking some well-deserved vacation time, so I’ve been making the coffee runs while he is away. Lucky me, right?

Well actually, Starbucks is now incentivizing those of us who volunteer for the coffee run and they are going to help everyone stay organized. Through their new “Runner Reward” program when I buy 4 drinks the 5th one is free. All I have to do is fill out their take-out form. Brilliant!

The audience-centric approach, reinforcement that they are making my life easier, and free coffee are moving me to walk the extra three blocks. I have also convinced everyone else to pay for Starbucks instead of going to the coffee shop across the street.

We’re all winners. Starbucks get our money and a more organized system for large orders, the Ducks stuck in meetings get their afternoon jolt, and I can order something delicious and fancy without burning a hole through my wallet.

So, what is your nonprofit planning to do as you gear up for year-end appeal season to have everyone win? How can you incentivize your audience to take action? And then once they take an action, do they feel appreciated so they come back?

As long as Starbucks is offering me free coffee, I’ll be volunteering for the 3:00 run. What about you?