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October 27, 2009

2009 Nonprofit Tagline award winners announced

Could any of the following taglines be used by your organization?Big Sky. Big Land. Big History.Building community deep in the hearts of TexansHolding Power AccountableA Mind is a Terrible Thing to WasteBecause the earth needs a good lawyerIf you want to be remembered, do something memorable.Finding a cure now…so our daughters won’t have to.Filling pantries. Filling lives.Send a Net. Save a Life.Nothing Stops A Bullet Like A JobTelling stories that make a differenceOpen hearts. Open minds. Open doors.A head for business. A heart for the world. Chances are, the answer is no. A great tagline expresses the big idea behind an organization simply and effectively, in a way that is as unique as possible.My friend and colleague Nancy Schwartz has, yet again, done a terrific job increasing visibility for this oft-overlooked but powerful communications tool–the nonprofit tagline. To find the organization behind these winning taglines, check out Nancy’s blog here.