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August 20, 2009

10 best practices in social media for nonprofits

Yesterday, I gave a keynote address at the NeighborWorks Social Media Symposium on Best Practices in Social Media. The conference was great–good people, good thinking, good times in the world of community development.

Below are some highlights from my presentation: 10 best practices that nonprofits should follow in social media. You may notice a bit of promotion around — a social networking site for emerging and established leaders in the community development field. Disclosure: we developed this site a few months ago. Check out the full set of slides on SlideShare or view them in the player here.

Big Duck: Best Practices in Social Media

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  1. Take a deep breath, and let go. You’re not in control anymore.
  2. Stop, look, and listen. Tie your goals to what people need, and meet your audiences where they are.
  3. Build your strategy around reality. Select the tools based on their purpose, your audience, and what you can manage in terms of staff time and costs.
  4. Remember what you learned in kindergarten: be nice, share, and say thank you.
  5. Emphasize the social in social media. Use pictures and videos to share stories. Schedule calls, meetups, and events to connect online communities.
  6. Get personal. Pick the right staff, and let them be themselves.
  7. Be flexible. Your community will move around; the tools are going to change.
  8. Don’t forget your website & integration. Bring all your online communications together and repurpose content.
  9. Change how you define success. It’s about content rather than numbers; relationship-building rather than “marketing”.
  10. Pause and evaluate. Keep listening, and give yourself time to build community, trust, and conversation.

Any other best practices you’d add to this list? Share in the comments.