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Jobs In NonProfit – A Career Roundtable for Job Seekers

Hosted by NY Career Meetup

September 12, 2017 6:15 pm–September 12, 2017 9:00 am
Are you passionate about Non-Profits and contributing to a good cause and want to work for one?

Not sure how to get your “foot in the door” in this dynamic job market?

NY Career Meetup will answer these tough questions and much more with:

Jobs In NonProfit – A Round table for Job Seekers

This exclusive, info-packed event will feature experienced non-profit recruiters and professionals, a career coach, lots of experience and one agenda: How to get a job in Non-Profit.

Who Should Attend?

Those professionals looking for savvy, inside information on getting a career in the NYC Non-Profit community that you won’t hear elsewhere, including:

  • ‘Must-know’ facts before you apply: the NYC non-profit job market culture, salary, trends
  • What kind of people are non-profits looking for
  • Possible career trajectories in Non-profit
  • Career opportunities for fresh graduates
  • How to transition into non-profit from the for-profit sector
  • What experience and skills non-profits value and look for
  • Best practices/strategies for your Non-Profit job search and marketing yourself as a candidate
  • How to determine your cause and which non-profit/s to apply to
  • Already in non-profit? How to increase your exposure to the key players at other non-profits?

And more

NOTE: This event provides targeted networking and learning opportunities with very seasoned and successful non-profit recruiters and professionals. Meet them in person, form partnerships, and learn the formula of finding a job at a non-profit.


WeWork (Union Square)

33 Irving Place, New York, NY