Turning data into donors: market research for fundraisers

Hosted by Big Duck

December 14, 2017 1:00 pm–December 14, 2017 2:00 pm
Most fundraisers at smaller or mid-size nonprofits guess at who their donors are, what inspires them to give, and how to communicate with them more effectively. Conducting research to understand who your donors are and identify people who will be your donors in the future is often overlooked or underbudgeted. This webinar will show how nonprofit fundraising and communications staff people how to use market research as a tool to understand who is likely to support them, gauge awareness, and more. Find out how to turn hard data into actionable insights that help you attract new donors and raise more money. We’ll also show you behind-the-scenes examples from our Brandraising Benchmark and answer your burning questions and help you start 2018 with a more collaborative, informed approach to development and marketing.
  1. understand how to use research at every step in your nonprofit’s ladder of engagement
  2. learn some of the basic research terms and options for nonprofits
  3. integrate marketing and fundraising “best practices” so fundraisers and communications staff can collaborate more effectively

Big Duck

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