We’re located in good ol’ DUMBO, just a stone’s throw away from Downtown Brooklyn and Brooklyn Heights. There happen to be some pretty great views of our neighborhood’s namesake bridge (that’s right, DUMBO stands for “Down Underneath the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”) from our office.

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Big Duck
20 Jay Street
Suite 524
Brooklyn, NY 11201

By Subway:

The F train will get you closest. Take it to York Street, climb the steps, go up the incline, head through the turnstiles, and struggle up even more steps. Whew.

Once you get to the street, you’ll turn right (ah, downhill). You’re on Jay Street, so just keep on heading toward the water.

If the F isn’t for you, the A/C and the 2/3 will get you reasonably close.

By car:

We recommend Google Maps for driving instructions. With the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges and the BQE all converging in DUMBO, it can be a bit baffling. But if you can find the neighborhood, you can probably find Jay Street. Once you find Jay Street, head toward the East River. We also recommend parking your car before coming up to our office (there’s a garage in the basement of our building—it’s about 50 feet closer to the water than our front door).

By bicycle:

A few Ducks are pretty serious bike enthusiasts, so if you ride to the office, you’re more than welcome to park in our office bike rack. Just use the freight elevator to bring your bike to our office, and someone can show you where to put it. For biking instructions to 20 Jay, we recommend the bike lane map from the NYC Department of Transportation, or choose the bicycle directions option on Google Maps. If you prefer to use Citi Bike, there’s a station three blocks away from us at the corner of York Street and Jay Street.

By foot:

If you’re coming from Lower Manhattan and the weather is right, we highly recommend the walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to get here. It’s about a mile-long walk, and the views are tops. Be sure to stay in the pedestrian lane or suffer the wrath of cyclists. As you get to the Brooklyn side of the Bridge, the pathway branches off in two directions. Take the left-hand path (be sure to check both directions for speeding cyclists as you cross their lane). At the bottom of the stairs, take a left and walk down the hill (you’re now on Washington Street). At Front Street, take a right through the heart of DUMBO. After a few blocks, when you get to Jay Street, take a left. We’re near the water at 20 Jay.

By boat:

If the timing works, try the New York Water Taxi or East River Ferry Service, both of which will drop you at the nearby Fulton Ferry Landing. The schedule is more regular during the warm weather months, but no matter the season, it’s a perfectly civilized way to travel, complete with lovely city views and just a touch of sea sickness. Check out their websites for specific schedules.

Once off the ferry, head inland on Old Fulton Street until you run into Front Street. Follow Front Street under the Manhattan Bridge until you get to Jay Street, then take a left, and, after a couple of blocks (pretty close to the water again), you’ll find yourself at 20 Jay (our home!). It’s about a ten-minute walk.

By kayak:

If you feel like swimming or kayaking to our office, beware of strong river currents, pollution in our urban estuary, barges, tugboats, the Circle Line, and the United States Coast Guard.