Sarita Joseph

Senior Account Manager

Sarita has dedicated her career to supporting nonprofits, working at several in New York City and abroad. Prior to Big Duck, Sarita was a Project Manager at the Taproot Foundation, where she helped nonprofits tackle challenges in marketing, human resources, IT, and strategy. With experience as both a project manager and fundraiser, she makes sure that projects run smoothly and that clients have great experiences working with Big Duck.

Sarita received her master’s degree in Nonprofit Management from the New School, specializing in fundraising and development. She grew up in Queens, NY and studied international relations at Boston University, including a semester abroad in Niger. She interned in Uganda for ACTogether, an organization that advocated for the rights of slum dwellers. She loves interacting with people from all over the world and enjoys learning about different cultures and traditions.

When she’s not at Big Duck, Sarita loves chasing after her bubbly toddlers, trying new recipes, watching Netflix with her husband, and spending time with her church community.