Brian Wilkens

Senior Copywriter

Brian made his way to Big Duck by way of the gilded halls of advertising and marketing. He’s had the good fortune to work across just about every type of media over the last two decades. Work that’s been recognized by awards. And work that’s helped his clients creatively solve communication problems.

Academic, strategic, human-centered principles anchor Brian’s approach. Connecting all the little cogs and sprockets from concept to content and written to emotionally connect with people—that’s his craft. Whether he’s working in print, radio, TV, digital, tweets, #hashtags, or VR brand experiences, everything ladders up to a big 360° idea.

Brian is grateful for the gift of being creative and writing for a living. And after a career of doing it for brands and corporations, he dedicated himself to working with nonprofits. Connecting people with products no longer seemed as important as connecting nonprofits to communities.