Aspicite ut trahitur suavi modulamine vocis
Quicquid habent aer sidera terra fretum.

Behold how everything that air, stars, earth, or sea contain
is moved by the sweet play of the voice.

Corda mulcet tristia.
(a pun) Strings sooth sadness.
It soothes sad hearts.

Concentu laetentur eo super astra locato.
Let them be joyful in the concert set beyond the stars.

Concordia musis amica.
Concord is friend to the muses.

Concordia res parvae crescunt, discordia maximae dilabuntur.
In concord small things grow; in discord great things decay.

Dulci sonum reficit tristia corda melos.
A sweet-sounding tone refreshes sad hearts.

Sollicitae jucunda oblivio vitae.
Delightful forgetfullness of the troubles of life.

Ducere uxorem est vendere libertatem.
To take a wife is to sell freedom.

Tales in altis sentiunt sonos
Beati spiritus opus.

They suppose such sounds from on high
To be the work of the blessed spirit.

Terrae reddo quod a caelo accepi.
I give back to earth what I received from heaven.

Ut rosa flos florum
Ita hoc clavile clavilium.

As the rose is the flower of flowers,
So this is the clavier of claviers.

Virtute gaudet.
She rejoices in virtue.