Arbor eram vilis quondam sed viva tacebam.
Nunc bene si tangor mortua dulce sono.

Once I was a worthless tree, but in life I was silent.
Now in death, if I am played well, I sound sweet.

Audi vide et tace
Si vis vivere in pace.

Listen, look, and keep quiet,
If you wish to live in peace.

Dum vixi tacui mortua dulce cano.
While I lived I kept silent; in death I sing sweetly.

Indocta manus noli me tangere.
Let the untaught hand not touch me.

Intactum sileo percute dulce cano.
Untouched I am silent. Strike and I sing sweetly.

Non nisi mota cano.
Not unless moved will I sing.

Saltatur me cantente.
They dance when I sing. (literally "it is danced...")

Viva fui in sylvis sum dura occisa securi
Dum vixi tacui mortua dulce cano.
I was alive in the woods.
I was cut down by a hard axe.
While I lived I was silent;
Now dead I sing sweetly.