Musica componit mollitque irarum ardores.
Music quiets and eases the heat of anger.

Musica disparium dulcis concordia vocum.
Pello levo placo tristia corda deos.

Music, the sweet harmony of disparite voices,
I banish sorrow, lighten hearts, and appease the gods.

Musica donum Dei.
Music is the gift of God.

Musica est flos vitae.
Music is the flower of life.

Musica laborum dulce levamen.
Music is the sweet lightener of work.

Musica laetitiae comes medicina dolorum.
Music is the companion of joy and the medicine of sorrow.

Musica lieta dono divino.
Joyful music: the divine gift.

Musica magnorum solamen dulce laborum.
Music is the sweet consolation of great labors.

Musica nunc dignas habitet sua praemia laurus
Vicit honore suas pretio superatque sorores
Prorsus et immensum propellit lumina cordi.

Now let Music have fitting laurals for her reward.
She has exceeded her sisters in honor and is beyond them in worth.
Utterly and immeasurably, she drives forward lights to the heart.

Musica pellit curas.
Music banishes cares.

Musica turbatos sensus animosque removet.
Music puts aside troubled mind and spirit.